Saturday, 20 April 2013

#OPD - a new way of assessing days

I spend a lot of my life trying to impose objective assessments onto subjective experiences. This will be a familiar experience for anyone who has spent any time dealing with the WSET's SAT (Systematic Approach to Tasting).
On occassion, this can become a tiresome process. Rather than enjoying the wine or spirit in the glass, we obsess about the primary, secondary and tertiary character, the acidity and alcohol balance, level and nature of tannin, and so on and so forth. SAT fatigue is a sensation familiar to any scholar of wines and spirits.

The motivation for this necessarily clinical apporach is a different subject altogether (and one which I suspect I will write about sometime soon). The reason for this blog is that today I discovered an unexpected benefit of the system, which has led me to a whole new way of quantifying my days: OPD (Outstanding Per Day).

I was recently asked how a class I had taught the day before had gone. "Brilliant!" I exclaimed, "There were three outstanding wines!". How lovely to find joy in a bottle. And how unlikely it is that I would recall the precise number had I not gone to the trouble of recording them so thoroughly.

So, now I have decided to use the WSET SAT as a perfectly adequate way of assessing my tasting days. The number of Outstanding wines and / or spirits Per Day bearing a direct linear correlation to the quality of any 24 hour period. Simples.

In case you're wondering, today was a five, leading to me taking to twitter to proudly announce: #OPD5. If this catches on, you saw it here first!

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