Thursday, 19 April 2012

WSET Diploma: Day Four

Following the previous three tasting-heavy days at the WSET, it was a considerable shift to be told to arrive for day four with no glasses whatsoever. Day Four focuses on the Global Drinks market and, as such, is more to do with the interpretation of data than the liquid itself.

The day had enormous potential to be stiflingly dull but, thankfully, was presented by a Mr Philip Goodband MW who is a truly fascinating chap. Philip is gifted in bringing stats to life, and encouraged the class to look beyond the experiences of our own time in the industry. I, along with many others, am guilty of a very Westernized view of the world of wines and spirits (and spent longer than you would believe debating the 'z' in that word). Whilst it is almost impossible to be unaware of the influence of the Chinese market on European winemakers at the moment, the scales involved are well beyond anything I had imagined.

I'm pushed for time today so won't go into any more detail, but the theme of these WSET posts has been to provide information for students who are about to embark on the course. As such, I will advise you that you need take only pens and paper for this session. Actually, now I think about it, take a few different coloured pens - you'll want to annotate the handouts which are covered in graphs but printed in black and white!

Session five up next....

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