Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Los Valientes Winter Old Fashioned

It's a recurring theme with Los Valientes. Almost without fail, when a bartender is left to play around with this molasses / sugar cane blended rum, they will end up creating a variation on the classic Old Fashioned recipe.
I believe this is due to the rum already being so well integrated, it simply does not require any masking or over dilution.
To illustrate this point, in one of my previous posts, I have shown an Old Fashioned with a ginger foam. When I visited Mark Pope at Alimentum, on Hills Road in Cambridge, he had another angle on this preparation. Mark opted to stick to the classic Old Fashioned recipe, but infuse the rum 24 hours in advance, bringing yet another dimension into the glass.
Taking 250ml of Los Valientes, he added two tea spoons of raisins, two of sultanas, one star anise, half a broken cinammon stick, a tea spoon of orange zest, and 15ml demerara sugar. Mark left this combination to steep for a full 24 hours, subsequently using this as the base for his Old Fashioned.

The result was a fantastic, festive flavoured Old Fashioned. Perfect as a digestif after a rich dessert, or simply to warm you up on these cold winter evenings.
My thanks to Mark Pope, and Alimentum, for hosting us for the afternoon. If you get the chance to check out their fantastic bar and restaurant, you really should. Their website can be found here.

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