Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New / Old Fashioned

I've got a new toy.
It's a 0.5 ltr Mosa Nitrous Oxide Cream Whipper. Sounded very masculine until that last bit...
Anyway, I've decided to put it to the test. And of course, a new toy calls for a new recipe!
Starting out with my all time favourite rum, I made the basic inroads towards a rum old fashioned. A bar spoon of demerara sugar, a dash of orange bitters, a healthy slug of Los Valientes 10 year, and a good deal of patience.
Slowly twisting in cubed ice allows time for gradual dilution, as well as seemlessly combining all the elements in the glass. It also allows time for reflection, so the bartender can mix to taste (for we all know, however good the bartender facing us may be, only you can make one perfect for your own taste). A dash of bitters here, a splash more rum there. Never rushing, simply guiding the drink to where it needs to go, and hoping to be invited along for the journey.
Once I'd taken the old fashioned to just short of complete (not fully diluted, and a pinch away from the sweetness I prefer), the new toy came out to play.
Before starting out, I'd poured out a pint of fiery ginger beer, and stirred it well to remove the bubbles. Mixing it with hy-foamer, this was then decanted into my new cream whipper. Fuelled with an 8mg dose of nitrous oxide, and left in the fridge whilst I went to work on the base drink, it was now ready for action.
After a practice run onto a plate first, the ginger foam was applied directly onto the drink. Here it serves the function of not only flavouring the drink, but also providing a rather attractive garnish.
I finished the drink off with a touch of grated cinammon.
So how was it? I'm pleased to say; delicious! Having long been a fan of ginger with Los Valientes, there were no surprises in the flavour, but the texture was something completely new for me. The effervescent foam is a delight, not in anyway cloying or adhesive, although I will probably add more stabilizing agent next time around to improve the longevity of the foam once served.
There's something incredibly satisfying about a Guinnes-like moustache adorning your top lip as you take a gulp from an old fashioned. It's a sensation I intend to repeat. Often.

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